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Daily Dad Jokes

On a mission to spread the laughs (and groans).
Dad jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and your family and friends groan! Top dad jokes are curated and produced daily. Over 1000 episodes produced. Now with the iHeartMedia Podcast Network.

Jokes are sourced via r/dadjokes. Youtube channel animation is automated, with the top jokes produced weekly.

Daily Shower Thoughts

Ever had those moments of clarity under a hot warm shower? Here are some of the best collected from r/showerthoughts. Philosophical, profound, and sometimes comedic musings Produced daily!

The Daily Business & Finance News Show

Keep up to date with the latest in market, finance, and business news from the US and around the world. Episodes published every day at 5pm Eastern time. Presented by Montgomery Jones and Amalia Dupray. Data sourced from the Seeking Alpha API and powered by OpenAI ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

Get Happy Headlines

Family-friendly positive news headlines from around the world. Our first foray into a hybrid AI podcast. The hosts are AI-generated when writers research and find relevant articles. The music and sound design is all originally composed.

Daily Facts

Want to get smarter in less than 10 minutes? Then check the Daily Facts podcast that brings you interesting and surprising facts from around the world every day! Facts are sourced from API Ninjas, verified using GPT and content produced by the ChatGPT API.

The Daily Quiz Show

Test your mettle against daily quizzes. Each day of the week is a new category. This podcast sourced Quizzes for an API and produced a year’s worth of episodes.

This Podcast Will Make You Sleep

Need some soothing voice and music to get you to bed? These nonsense stories have nonsensical plots designed to get you drifting off to sleep in no time. Stories based on ideas from r/writingprompts

Season 1 – hosted by Bob Jeffey and uses GPT-3 API.

Season 2 – hosted by Amalia Dupray and uses ChatGPT API

Wikipedia Featured Article of the Day

Get smarter as Montgomery Jones summarizes Wikipedia’s Featured Article of the Day! Utilizes the Wikipedia API and ChatGPT API to summarize Wikipedia articles into a short 2 minute episode.

This New York Weather Forecast is a Joke

An experimental podcast, where we get weather forecasts from the Accuweather API and produce a weather forecast every day for New York.

Daily Life Pro Tips

Want some tips on how to make your life just that little bit better? This podcast gathers the best tips from r/LifeProTips and gives you life changing advice in less than 10 minutes every day. Utilizes ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

Word Of The Day: Origins, Meaning and Examples.

Learn about a new word everyday! Hosted by Montgomery Jones. Utilizes Rapid API and ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

 A Daily Dose of History

We examine the significant events that occurred on this day in history. Get smarter about our history in less than 10 minutes per day! Presented by Amalia Dupray and Montgomery Jones. Utilizes ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

The Most Influential People In History

Learn about the most significant people in history in less than 5 minutes a day! Hosted by Montgomery Jones and Amalia Dupray. Research on significant historical figures done (manually) with the inspiration from Civilization’s Civiliopedia meshed together with ChatGPT API and proprietary prompts.

The Daily Poem

Daily poems focusing on a single human emotion in a style of a famous poet. Hosted by Amalia Dupray. Poems generated using ChatGPT API and proprietary prompts.

Song Lyric Meanings

Learn about the meanings of the top songs in history in less than 5 minutes a day. Inspired by the Top 500 Most Influential Songs in History by the Rolling Stones. Powered by OpenAI ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

Bible Verses for Business Owners

A daily short sermon based on a bible verse with application to your business and entrepreneurial journey. Bible verses researched manually and then powered by OpenAI ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

The Bucket List Show

Looking for inspiration to add to your bucket list? Then seize the day and listen to this podcast. These short and sharp episodes focusses on a potential bucket list item for you to consider. Presented by Montgomery Jones and Amalia Dupray. Bucket list ideas from API ninjas and show content using OpenAI ChatGPT API with proprietary prompts.

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