Minr Help

Main Screen

  1. Total money: Use this to research upgrades and upgrade your region to boost production, storage and other bonuses.
  2. Current production rate: This is the amount of gold produced per second. You can increase this by research and region upgrades and pressing the boost button. Occasionally, there will be ads you can watch (if you choose to do so) to get temporary production boosts.
  3. Current gold price: This is the real-world market gold price and is refreshed every 12 hours.
  4. Gems: Gems can be used for 1) prestige research that are permanent boosts and 2) a time warp to skip ahead to get a boost to your total money instantly. You can boost your chances of generating gems by upgrading regions.
  5. Gold generator: As you unlock research tiers and upgrade production-related research items, this building structure will change.
  6. Gold: Gold is produced and sent to the storage facility. Occasionally, a gem is produced.
  7. Storage Facility: The storage facility is where your gold is stored. When the sell timer expires your gold is sold at the market price shown. As you unlock research tiers and specific storage research this building will change.
  8. Progress bar: The top is the sell timer (when it reaches the end, gold is converted to a money crate). The bottom is the storage capacity. You need to carefully manage this so that you do not fill up your storage too fast and maxes out before the sell timer expires. If your storage is full, then excess gold is wasted.
  9. Money crate: This stores your money as it is delivered to the bank. Watch out for thieves!
  10. Bank: Money is store here in the bank. When the money crate reaches the bank, then the money is available for you to use.
  11. User Boost button: Pressing and holding this gives you a boost to your production. You can increase this boost button by using gems to research this in Prestige Research under “User Boost”
  12. Research: Tap this to go to the research screen (see below for more explanation on this)
  13. Time Warp: When you have enough gems you can consume them to “time warp” ahead. At the start you can time warp 3 minutes ahead, so it effectively simulates you playing for 3 mins instantly. You can upgrade the length of the Time Warp in the Prestige Research area.
  14. Main Menu: This is where you can:
    1. Help (this page)
    2. Upgrade Region
    3. Purchase Boosts
    4. Audio toggle on/off
    5. Feedback
    6. Trophies (specific achievements you have achieved during the game)
    7. About
    8. Privacy Policy
  15. Upgrade Region: Once you have earned a certain amount of money, regions unlock and can upgrade your region. Upgrading your region offers increased production and gem boosts. Upgrading a region resets your normal research and your money BUT your gems and prestige research remains.
  16. Thieves: periodically thieves will appear to try to steal gold and your money crate. Defend your mine by tapping on them. You can also research defence upgrades to increase the chance of your mine automatically killing the thief. Defeated thieves give a money bonus.
  17. Purchase Boosts: You may elect to purchase gems and a permanent boost to offline idle production. Boosting offline idle production time means that you will boost the money of money you earn while you are offline.
  18. Ad Rewards: You can elect to watch “Rewarded Ad”. This allows you temporary production boosts and gems once you have watched the ads.

Research Screen

  1. Regular Research Upgrades: These are research items that are purchased with the money you earn. There is a price to initially purchase and then a price to incrementally upgrade that item. There are several different types of research:
    1. Chance: This is the chance that for a single second of production there is a % boost to production.
    2. Production: This is a boost to the gold production rate
    3. Storage: This increases the capacity of your storage facility to hold more gold.
    4. Defence: These are automatic defence mechanisms to allow you to the chance automatically kill thieves.
    5. Political: This boosts production rate AND storage capacity but you loose 1% value when converting gold to money.
  2. Prestige Research Upgrades: These upgrades are purchasable only with Gems and are a permanent boost to your game (they do not reset when you upgrade your region). There are several different types of prestige boosts:
    1. Sell Time: this reduces the time to sell so that money crates are produced at a faster rate.
    2. Finance: this reduces the cost of normal research upgrades
    3. Time Warp: this increases the length of the Time Warp
    4. User Boost: this increases the user boost %
  3. Research item progress bar: this indicates your progress on a particular research item. The percentage shown is the boost that is currently applied.
  4. Purchase research: the number indicates the cost of the upgrade. Press this to upgrade.
  5. Research Upgrades to Unlock: this is the number of research upgrades required to unlock the next research tier
  6. Research tiers: there are 13 tiers in total. Each tier has a combination of production, storage, defence, chance and political research items.

Upgrade Region Screen

  1. Upgrade Region progress bar: this indicates how much lifetime money earned is required to unlock that region. Upgrading regions resets your progress BUT gems and prestige research remains.
  2. Activate Region upgrade: price is shown on the button.

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