AutoGen Podcasts

AutoGen Podcast Technology

Klassic Studios have developed AutoGen technology that mashes APIs (either public or authenticated) with text to speech technology to automatically produce podcast content. We think this is a great alternative method for users to consume news, finance, sports, and other interesting information in podcast form.

Please get in touch if you wish to utilize our expertise in generating podcasts automatically from your API feeds.

We currently have the following podcasts produced using our technology:

Daily Dad Jokes

Dad jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh and your family and friends groan! Top dad jokes are curated and produced daily. Sourced from the Dad Jokes subreddit on Reddit!

  • 150k+ followers on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts
  • 9 million+ downloads
  • 2 million+ listeners
  • Ranked #5 in the Top Comedy – Standup Podcasts in America.
    (On Apple Podcasts charts as of 7 May 2022)

Where to listen:

The Daily Quiz Show

Test your mettle against daily quizzes. Each day of the week is a new category.

Daily Shower Thoughts

Ever had those moments of clarity under a hot warm shower? Here are some of the best collected from r/showerthoughts.

Produced daily!

This Podcast Will Make You Sleep

Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep unless you have a podcast or some audio voice in the background? Utilizing writing prompts from Reddit, we have generated a series of “nonsense” stories with no plotline. These are generated using AI mixed with calming music and produced into a podcast.

Check it out here:

Yesterday’s NBA Results

A wrap up of yesterday’s NBA scores and game MVPs, hosted by our virtual “presenter” Bob Jeffey.

Produced automatically using authenticated NBA API feeds daily at 2am US Eastern time.

Wikipedia Featured Article of the Day Podcast

Wikipedia publishes a featured article of the day and publishes an XML feed of these articles. We have converted this to grab an extract of the featured article and created a podcast that was auto-published at 1:30 am GMT. You can find the podcast feed here.

Previously produced podcasts

COVID-19 Daily Update Podcast

This took data from the Novel COVID API produced a daily update and published it automatically at 12:30 am GMT.

Countries covered include (click the links to listen to the podcasts):
USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Canada, Spain, South Korea and Singapore.

US Market Summary Podcast

This used updates from a financial API and created a daily round-up of the major indices, commodities and currency markets. Listen here.